Our Services

With our comprehensive amount of expertise in this field, we offer the following competitive services achieving a high standard of quality in this industry.

Project & Construction Management(PCM)

Our PCM team professionals with high caliber of expertise in their own discipline provide complete solution for site management that includes construction planning & scheduling, resource management, quality control, HSE control and commissioning assistance.

Process Pipping

We provide process piping fabrication, installation & testing, commencing from Identifying shop & field pipe joints, Preparing weld maps, Shop fabrication, field installation until hydro-pressure testing service.

Storage Tanks & Mechanical Plant Equipments

We provide design, fabrication, deliver, field installation and testing service for different types and materials of

Storage Tanks such as:
Double Wall Tanks for Cryogenic application (DWT)
Cone Roof Tank, (CRT)
Dome Roof Tank, (DRT)
Floating Roof Tanks, and (FRT)
Spherical Tanks (SPT) etc.

SAW Welding Process:

We employ both manual and SAW welding process for the tanks, with SAW process that reduces the production time significantly in relation to conventional manual welding.

Hyd. Jacking Method:

The tank construction usually by Conventional method, means shell bottom to top sequence. But there are plants where lack of working space and the tanks are situated inside operating plants, where we employ hydraulic jacking method from top to bottom sequence. This hyd.jacking has several benefits over the conventional method and much more safer for the working team.

Plant Equipments:

We also provide field installation and testing service for process plant equipment such as Pumps, Fans etc.

Total Quality Management

Quality is the responsibility of everybody. Our objective is not only product quality and process efficiency, but also emphasize client satisfaction.

We offer to our valued clients & customers to deliver a quality management service with high caliber quality professionals to make sure their product and service meet their needs at every stage on the above category of services.

Safety, Health & Environment Management(HSE)

Our Safety, health and environment professionals are committed to provide our customers a safe working environment.

Service includes,
Design, establish and document HSE project standards in line with local regulatory and project guidelines,
Identifying potential work area hazards and its management system,
Implement and maintaining the system at work environments
Reporting to the top management etc.